UI/UX, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
CRC Promotional Exhibition
Graphic Design, Illustration, Exhibition Design
Arabic Alumni Association NCCU
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Pattern Design
YULON Red Envelope 2021
Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging
Lin Lim Beer
Illustration, Product Design, Graphic Design
III Smart City Taiwan
Character Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Future-Action Interactive Art
Character Design, Branding, Illustration
The Story of Yogurt and Intestinal bacteria
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Character Design
The Troubles of Grandpa Ocean
Motion Graphics, Illustration, Character Design
Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design
Ocean Lens 2020
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Art Direction
YULON Red Envelope 2020
Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging
Motion Graphics, Illustration, Animation
Taiwanese Leopard Cat
Illustration, Digital Art, Painting
Diaoyutai Exhibition
Illustration, Set Design, Graphic Design
Ocean Lens 2019
Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design
ETtoday Music Festival
Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding
CarMaker Awards ceremony II
Art Direction, Illustration, Branding
From Smile to Smile
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Illustration
Illustration of Christmas Deer
Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design
ZhongKui and The Bat
Motion Graphics, Branding, Sound Design
Dusk or Dawn
Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Micro Journey Animation
Animation, Motion Graphics, Character Design
PanSci animation Part 1
Animation, Motion Graphics, Character Design
PanSci animation Part 2
Animation, Motion Graphics, Character Design
The Color Devourer
Illustration, Digital Art, Painting
Illustration, Art Direction, Painting
South of Light 光の南国
Branding, Art Direction, Illustration
Frog and Tadpole
Motion Graphics, Illustration
Legend of Frog Worship
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
PanSciTV Title Sequence
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
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